our honey-traditional way-from our land


Growing up in New Zealand you experience all the excitement adventure and unbridled joy that there is to be had in our paradise.

I wanted to capture that experience, that feeling in a jar. To give people a real taste of New Zealand and produce an

authentic New Zealand honey like our grandparents used to have.

To achieve our “Taste of New Zealand” Smallwings employee two important beekeeping practices.

The first is static beekeeping. This means all year round Smallwings hives stay in one spot allowing the bees to become familiar with the area and create a blend of honey that truly captures the character and flavour of the region.

Every jar of smallwings honey encapsulates a different part of our country allowing you to taste our beauty.

The second is our traditional scrap and press method of extraction. Before the invention of removable frame hives ancient beekeepers would have to destroy a beehive to get the precious honey inside by crushing and straining the wax structure. This method, while destructive, created a more nutrient rich honey because of the excess pollen that would accompany it. Today we maintain this practice (without destroying the hive) to produce a honey rich in vitamins and minerals that not only tastes good but is also good for you. 

With these two Things Smallwings honey delivers a honey that needs to be tasted to be believed.


Situated in Ashursts bush laden gorge, the honey produced by these hives has a deep, strong flavor with notes of Kowhai and Manuka. This honey has a true taste of the New Zealand bush.


Deep in a valley on the edge of the tararua ranges The honey from these hives is incredibly light and sweet, with an almost marmalade fruitiness and nutty finishing notes. A fantastic choice for anyone with a real sweet tooth.


Located among a delicate balance of bushland and pasture this honey offers a smooth blend of clover with undertones of a stronger bush taste that occasionally pop on your tongue. A subtle flavor, but none the less delicious.


Set in the gently undulating grass lands and high hill country of the beautiful Kapiti coast these hives produce honey that isn’t as strong and bold a flavor as Ashurst, but not as sweet and fruity as Levin. It is somewhere in between, a complex blend of flavours that is both sweet and strong, that gently play off one another to create a truly remarkable flavor.